Q-PEC s fully committed to providing the highest quality power contracting and engineering services and solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations at competitive prices. In order to achieve this policy, our company will continue to invest in technologies and systems that will enable us to provide top quality services in an efficient and cost-effective manner and add value to all the business and projects that we are commissioned to work on.

our fundamental goal is customer satisfaction 

Provide high-quality services to all our customers and exceed their expectations.

Recruit highly qualified staff and improve the skills of employees in order to maintain the quality of products and services that meet the customer expectations.


Do all our work with a high level of professionalism and complete every project on time and within the budget, ensuring that all standards and regulations are followed.

Listen to each of our customers fully, understand their needs and deliver the best solutions.

Continually identify, assess and implement the measures and steps that improve the company’s Quality Management System.