Installation PVC & G.I Conduits

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Q-PEC Standard Method of Installation

Q-PEC’s scope covers the installation of steel rigid metal conduit (RMC), steel intermediate metal conduit
(IMC), and steel electrical metallic tubing (EMT). Conduit with a supplementary PVC coating is also included. These conduits are used as raceway systems for electrical wiring in residential, commercial,
and industrial occupancies.

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Our company handles all types of Cable installations for LV/HV/EHV, including excavation, cable lay.


Q-PEC Standard Method of Installation

The exposed conduit shall be installed in groups, parallel to the building lines, and accurate in line and level.
Conduits shall run from box to box, box to the panel, pull/junction box, and shall be secured to all boxes by
locknuts in such a way that the system shall be electrically and mechanically continuous throughout its
length or span.
Exposed GI Conduits shall be supported by approved saddles while distances shall be maintained as per
project specification and manufacturer’s recommendations.
Embedded conduits shall be Polyvinyl Chloride (PV) supported by G.I. tie wires to concrete steel re-bars.