cable installations

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installation Of Cable Ladders
Trays & Trunking

Q-PEC delivers high-quality standards in the installation of cable management raceways by having skilled
electrical technicians and qualified Engineers to look after the quality of work in accordance to project
specification and prevailing standards.


Q-PEC Standard Method of Installation.

Installation must be conformance and in accordance with the design intent of the project for the
Electrical and Low Voltage System in addition to the specification and as per approved shop drawings
and comply with Local and International Standards.
Where sizes of Cable Trays / Trunking are not detailed on the drawing then tray shall be adequately sized to
support the cables without bunching and a 25% reserve margin shall be allowed in size and weight be
loaded. Support shall be by means of steel brackets installed at intervals necessary to provide a rigid
fixing and to ensure that deflection does not exceed 5mm mid-span of support when fully loaded. Earth
continuity conductors shall be provided across gaps in all Cable Tray / Trunking runs and bolted