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Earthing & Bonding System

Q-PEC recommends that an earthing system is in place as it plays a vital role in co-ordinating your
lightning and surge protection system together. This particular system is responsible for safely dispersing
the lightning currents to the ground as well as playing a fundamental role in the effective operation of surge
protection devices. Our team of qualified Engineers and Technicians ensures that every job, no matter the size and complexity is carried out in a safe and professional manner.
Our delivery model encompasses early contractor involvement at the initial design phase, converting to
construction flowing to the testing, commissioning, and handover of the projects.


Earthing & Bonding Installation Services Offered

  • Conduct soil resistivity measurements for designing new systems.
  • Advice on the best type of materials to use in the existing conditions.
  • Supply all the materials needed for installation.
  • Check the condition of the existing earthing system.
  • Installation of entire earthing & bonding System.
  • Test for continuity across the individual earthing system and the resistivity required for each Earth Pit per.
  • Kahramaa and prevailing standards.
  • Pulling/installation of ground conductors (bare copper or copper tape)
  • Bonding to steel structure, all-metal parts, electrical & mechanical equipment by braze welding, copper clips/clamp, and bolt connection.
  • Earth Pit installation including boring, installation of the copper electrode, rod to the copper conductor.
  • connection and rod to copper tape connection with the use of the exothermic method or copper clamp connection.