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Services offered for Testing & Commissioning

Q-PEC provides a wide range of electrical-based testing services that satisfy clients across different types of commercial, high-rise residential condominiums, hotel towers, infrastructure, and mall establishments. We supply full supporting documentation for each test performed. In addition to standard industry tests, we can design specialized testing and evaluation procedures that would evaluate the electrical attributes that are of interest.
Our services include a full range of electrical-based tests including but not limited to baseline resistance, high-speed tests, cold test, live test, BMS control & monitoring signal test, mechanical equipment sequence of operation, and fire alarm cause & effect matrix.


Q-PEC Standard Method of Installation.

  • Earthing electrode resistivity and continuity across the individual earthing system and bonding system to
    all mechanical equipment, steel structure, and all metal parts.
  • Insulation resistance test of all wires and cables.
  • Cold & Live Test of Small Power System
    Control operation of Lighting System
    Insulation Resistance Test & Hipot Test or Dielectric Strength Test for Bus Duct & Electrical Panel Boards.
  • Cold & Live Test of all Electrical Panels including Mechanical Equipment.
  • The setting of Protection Coordination for the entire Power System.
  • Mechanical equipment sequence of operation which has the integration to BMS, Fire Alarm System & Smoke management System.
  • The sequence of Power Generation System from normal Kahramaa supply to battery and UPS supply to
    Emergency Generator supply and vice versa.
  • BMS control and monitoring signal
    Fire Alarm & Detection System Cause & Effect Matrix.