Boards and Cable

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Installation of Panel Boards, Glanding
of Cables & Termination.

Our certified expert team is built with a solid reputation in the installation of Panel Boards and Cable Termination in projects all over Qatar. With our state of the art special tools, advanced training, and strict compliance to local codes and standards, we were recognized as one of Qatar’s leading electrical a contractor that brings high-quality construction for a wide range of projects.


Panel Installation & Termination Services Offered

  • Main Distribution Boards (LV Panel, MDB, EMDB)
  • Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB, ESMDB)
  • Motor Control Centre (MCC, EMCC)
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Distribution Boards
  • Isolators
  • Ups Panels & Battery Cabinet
  • Generator LV Switchgear

Q-PEC Standard Method of Installation

  • The equipment used must be brand new, free from all visible or hidden defects, and conforming to EC standards, particularly those governing protection against electromagnetic interference and the emission of electromagnetic interference.
  • Compliance with standards must be verified either by a mark of conformity or if no standard exists, by a certificate from the manufacturer or the importer acting on its behalf.
  • QPEC will conduct a plant visit together with the consultant who will witness the test in the plant prior to delivery of the Equipment Panel.
  • Q-PEC is responsible for obtaining the certificates and ensuring that the equipment used meets the safety and operating requirements under the anticipated conditions of use.
  • QPEC will have sole responsibility for all equipment delivered.
  • QPEC will qualify if the equipment is guaranteed for the intended use and up to its maximum capacity.
  • The creation of the electrical panel, connections, and commissioning must be done in accordance with industry standards. The successful company /vendor must present a declaration of conformity accompanied by the test report.
  • After the installation & test, in order for acceptance to take place, the report must not indicate a single defect.
  • When the work is complete, “provisional acceptance” of the work or installation will be arranged to certify that QPEC complied with the Project Specification & Kahramaa Standards in terms of material, installation, Testing & Commissioning.